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Since founding Motion Math in 2010, our mission has been to help children find delight in intellectual challenge. Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve been acquired by Curriculum Associates – we’ll be continuing our mission at our new home, serving learning games to millions more students, collaborating with a talented team, and integrating our work with a trusted educational developer known for its integrity and values. You can learn more about Curriculum Associates and their award-winning instruction and assessment platform i-Ready in the official press release. (And if you know any talented game engineers, we’re hiring!)


As we start this new chapter of exploring the marvelously complex interaction of mathematics and the minds of children, we’d like to express our gratitude to the many people who have supported us over the years:

To every child and teacher and parent who has tried Motion Math products, thank you for the encouragement and constructive criticism, and for trusting us with part of your math education. (Existing customers – there are no changes to your accounts and you’ll be receiving even better support and technical performance going forward.)

To our teammates Coram Bryant, Sally Shum McDevitt, John Verticchio, thank you for lending your talents and passion to Motion Math – we’re honored to work with you. Thank you to our collaborator Ignacio Schiefelbein, our QA team Alonzo White and Sylvia Ko, all our previous teammates, interns, contractors, our development partners nClouds and Computer Courage, and our expert advisors Jo Boaler, Jay Borenstein, Steve Rasmussen, and Asa Reed – you’ve enriched our products immeasurably.

To our investors – Anton Commissaris, Kapor Capital, Reach Capital, VFormation, Wasabi Ventures, Ulu Ventures, TEEC Angel Fund, 500 Startups, Nancy Blachman, Reece Duca, David Phillips, Paul Sherer, Maneesh & Jessie Arora, John Ason, and Mike Wood – thank you for your advice, your patience, and for trusting us to build this company.

To Ann Bowers and the Noyce Foundation team (and program officers Karen Johnson and Emily Dalton Smith, elsewhere), thank you for funding innovative growth mindset and efficacy work that would not have been commercially feasible for us to create on our own. We’re thrilled to bring this work to millions more students. To NewSchools Ignite, the Cooney Center, Startl, and CoLab, thank you for mentoring us and connecting us to other education innovators.

To Joseph Perkins, Danny Saposnik, and the entire Orrick team – thank you for using your strategic thinking to get a small client to the finish line, and thank you to our financial advisors Tyton Partners and Good Harbor Partners.

To all our teachers and classmates at the Learning, Design, and Technology Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, the dSchool, and StartX – Shelley Goldman, Karin Forssell, Amrita Thakur, Roy Pea, Brigid Barron, Dave Baggeroer, Scott Doorley, Enrique Allen, and many more – thank you for helping us take Motion Math from class project to master’s project to startup and for inspiring us with your dedication to the future of education.

Lastly, to our wives, family, and friends – especially Rosa Villegas, Elena “Mamasan” Adauto (RIP), Bobby and Laura Adauto, Liz Offen-Brown Klein, and Jeffrey Klein – thank you for sustaining two first-time entrepreneurs through many late nights, tough decisions, and moments of doubt. It was all worth it.

Jacob Klein & Gabriel Adauto



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